Oak Tree and Guide Meditation

$1.99 USD

The OAK TREE and GUIDE MEDITATION is designed to lead you with the spirit of freedom and lightness on a journey to connect with your Guide. You are asked to clarify what you would like to achieve from the process of personal and psychic development to focus your Guides attention on assisting you to achieve your goals. 

The oak tree creates a vibration of strength, stability and spiritual renewal. The meditation also strengthens your sense of self-worth and value to enable you to accept abundance from the Universe.

This meditation package includes an 7 page Meditation Techniques booklet, graphically designed pages and a voice meditation.

Meditation Techniques Booklet
Oak Tree and Guide Voice Meditation
Butterfly Symbol
Oak Tree Symbol
Oak Tree and Guide Meditation
Oak Tree and Guide Meditation Journal Questions
Oak Tree and Guide Meditation Experience
My Colourful Butterfly
My Glorious Gift