Rainforest Butterfly Meditation

Rainforest Butterfly Meditation

$1.99 USD

The RAINFOREST BUTTERFLY MEDITATION is designed to aid the process of transformation. You are asked to clarify what you would like to transform and manifest in your life while you are led by a colourful butterfly through a lush rainforest to a cascading waterfall. 

Here you experience the magic of an exquisite crystal clear pool, the vibration of the pool is conducive to releasing, balancing and healing. Connecting with your Higher Guidance then provides information for you to consider acting upon to create the life you desire!

This meditation package includes an 8 page Meditation Techniques booklet, graphically designed pages and a voice meditation.

Meditation Techniques Booklet
Rainforest Butterfly Voice Meditation
Butterfly Symbol
Rainforest Butterfly Meditation
Rainforest Butterfly Meditation Journal Questions
Rainforest Butterfly Meditation Experience
My Colourful Butterfly
My Life Is Perfect ...