Series 1 - Week 1 - 5
Transformation Meditations
$9.99 USD

GLORIOUS MEDITATIONS have been designed with the intention of gently and continually moving you towards the life of your dreams. This includes healing, balancing and releasing the past, making space for new opportunities. The meditations will give you a clear vision of your goals and work with affirmations and the law of attraction to make your dream life a reality. 

Each week the meditations will strengthen and build your self-belief, self-esteem, sense of self-worth and value to enable you to accept your abundance when it arrives!

The series of meditations are designed to work on many levels, one meditation setting the scene for the next. This is deliberate as familiarity allows for quicker results which include relaxing into a meditative state faster and the ease of connection with the meditation elements whether that be guides, medicine animals or the healing and supportive energies of the plant and mineral realm. 

The weekly meditation series package includes an 8 page Meditation Techniques booklet, graphically designed pages and a voice meditation each week.

Meditation Techniques Booklet
Each series includes an 8 page Meditation Techniques booklet.

Weekly Voice Meditation
During the voice meditation when receiving information from your Higher Guidance, there will be a period of silence for you to ask questions and receive messages.

Symbol of the Week
Each week you will receive an appropriate Symbol Meaning, related to the meditation.

Meditation for future reference.

Meditation Journal Questions
These pages have questions pertinent to the meditation to prompt your memory of the meditation experience.

Meditation Experience
The answer to the Journal Questions and the meditation experience can be recorded on your MEDITATION EXPERIENCE page.

Appropriate Work Pages
Some weeks will include COLOURING SHEETS or WORKSHEETS appropriate to the meditation, to reinforce and anchor the experience into your reality.