Lynnette is a natural medium who has seen spirit since childhood and has been using her skills professionally for over 15 years, she has advised over 40,000 clients.

Here are some recent comments from clients:

I wanted to just say what a wonderful experience it was to have a clairvoyant reading done by you over 5 years now. I have carried the notes I wrote from the reading in my purse, periodically taking them out to read just to see the things that you may have been accurate on. Lynnette, you are simply amazing! More than spot on in predicting my future direction, you also provided great insight into changes and challenges I would face. My friends and family that also had a reading with you all those years ago, say to this day how accurate you were.

Lynnette predicted that I would pull the plug on my present relationship.
Everything she said was exactly how I felt and exactly what I did. I feel
that with Lynnette’s guides and help I’m getting my life back on track.

Lynnette predicted that a new man would come into my life, his personality and background is everything she said. Everything she said has come true!

A believer! During my first reading with Lynnette she described dates, a
particular personality and the outcome of an event that was being organized without my knowledge at the time of the reading and concluded exactly as Lynnette had foretold. 3 days after the reading it started to unfold. A few years, several readings and workshops later, Lynnette’s accuracy astounds and encourages me.
Thank you, Lynnette.

Lynnette has been instrumental in helping us buy our first home. Throughout the crazy shopping around period, Lynnette ‘read’, via email, each property we looked at and was spot on with her impressions and detailed descriptions of each property. After months of shopping around we ended up with the property she said we would purchase! Thank you, for persisting with us through our skepticism, we are now true believers.
‘The Girls’

A refreshing meditation CD produced by an Australian! You are safely guided through a relaxing mediation where you meet your guides. It was the first time I have felt that I had achieved something with a guided meditation CD after trying many on the market. I listen to the meditations over and over with great results every time.
D. M.

Lynnette, thank you for your insight over the years. You have been a
lighthouse in many dark moments. I always feel better after a reading with you. You have predicted many outcomes that I could never have foreseen. You give me hope and faith. I know I have guides and angels that help me everyday of my life, you have proved that to me.
Thank you for being one of my earth angels,

I have been to a number of workshops with many people over the last five years. Attending Lynnette’s Psychic Development, Manifest Your Soulmate and Auras and Chakras workshops have helped me move forward within myself and in my life so much more than any of the others.
Thanks Lynnette,

Just a note to say my reading from Lynnette at her Bankstown Channeled Visions night was on the money. She mentioned August as a month important for career and this is the month that a job offering will be available. She also mentioned "not to shoot yourself in the foot". I once applied for this job and withdrew my application not thinking I was suited. I understood this message perfectly.

I attended Lynnette's Glorious Visions night at Bankstown and received a reading which was relating to situations involving home and Lynnette conveyed these exactly as they were happening at the time. The reading was so pertinent.

Lynnette told me about the beautiful relationship I had with my partner and that a little soul was waiting in the wings for us. I was married soon after and fell pregnant three weeks later at 43. Our son is definitely our beautiful "little soul".

I first saw Lynnette over twelve years ago. Because she was so accurate, I have recommended many people over those years and they have always been very pleased. Lynnette's insights can help you change your life.
Vicky H.

I have had many readings with Lynnette over the last 5 years, both in person and over the phone and my experience has always been positive. She is piercingly accurate and honest. She is also a great teacher. I have attended her meditation classes and she has been instrumental in helping me meet my spirit guides and develop my own psychic abilities. I have and do recommend her to all my friends and family. Thank you very much Lynnette.
Georgia, New York.

I've been attending Lynnette's Equinox and Solstice mediation nights for a few years now and found that they are so powerful at keeping me on track! There's no getting away from the honesty of your guides in the most gentlest of ways during the equinox and solstice's powerful energy.

Not only do you clarify your most need issues, but the group's energy allows you to do it safely, and with support. Lynnette's individual insights (it's amazing how she remembers all the messages she gets for everyone in the group!) are confirmation and extra information. And if that was all we got, we'd all walk away with more than we expected, but generally we get an extra gift from those Spiritual Beings of Light that are around the group to give us an extra message through Lynnette's Channeling.

A truly inspirational and amazing experience.