Welcome to glorious visions

Lynnette Glory is the vision behind Glorious Visions.

Lynnette is a natural medium who has seen spirit since childhood and has been using her skills professionally for over 25 years, she has advised over 50,000 clients. Her knowledge is immense, allowing her to write, educate and speak on any new age topic. During Lynnette’s career she has appeared on Radio, doing readings for listeners. Her story has been featured in books and magazines, and she has notably been a Feature Contributor for "That's Life" magazine.

readings with Lynnette

A Reading with Lynnette will provide incredible insight into your current life situation, patterns which you may be playing out and offer strategies to resolve current issues assisting you to move forward. Readings can vitally assist when making decision about study and career paths, changes of job situation and business developments. Opportunities can be foreseen and consequently prepared for, so when taken up will be primed for optimum success.

Lynnette’s forte is relationships, including interpersonal, family and romantic. A Reading provides detailed awareness of the personalities involved, both their patterns and yours which may be causing issues and suggests approaches to improve the relationship dynamic. A Reading can foresee future relationships and provide information regarding the individuals involved.

Lynnette can provide insight into children’s personalities and their personal strengths, knowledge of a child’s purpose in life can assist a parent in guiding the child to the fulfillment of their potential. Your own personal relationship with the child can be revealed and strategies given to deal with issues that may arise.

Lynnette can provide fresh insight into your life’s direction and ultimately your life purpose. A Reading can be especially helpful and healing when you are feeling ‘stuck’ in your life. Options for the future can be foreseen and strategies offered to assist you in living your life more in alignment with your heart’s vision. A Reading with Lynnette can empower and inspire!

healings with Lynnette

We attract situations and people, especially our romantic partners to give us the opportunity to Heal some aspect of lives generally related to our childhood, that are not allowing us to live, love and be loved to our full potential. Unfortunately these opportunities result in heartache, feelings of abandonment, betrayal, lack of faith and trust, victimisation, diminished self-esteem, self-confidence and self-doubt, high levels of stress, feelings of overwhelm, anxiety, depression and hopelessness. 

During a Healing Session Lynnette clairvoyantly identifies the source of the issue whether an incident or absorbed family pattern that may be buried in the subconscious or not apparent as the cause. How the issue or pattern has manifested by the attraction of individuals to play out the pattern and how it has been compounded by choices along the way. 

Like a Clairvoyant Reading Session, understanding is Healing in itself, however a Healing Session takes it to another level when Lynnette uses Hands on Energetic Healing, Meditation, Visualisation and Affirmation techniques to release the pattern or energy tied to the event and ground the new state of being, to step confidently into the world. 

Healing patterns can provide the power to leave toxic relationships, attract a new fulfilling romantic relationship unlike any you have experienced due to the new healed dynamic. 

Healing patterns can strengthen the bonds of love in a committed relationship minus the stressors of the pattern playing out.

Healing patterns can give your children the opportunity to live a freer life not predisposed by the pattern you eradicate and seeing a happier, more empowered You.   

Healing patterns can engender peaceful and more harmonious interactions with family members, and have you outside the family drama not in it. 

Healing patterns can inspire greater self-love, self-esteem, self-confidence, self-awareness, acceptance, forgiveness, peace, optimism and hope.