About Lynnette


A natural clairvoyant who has seen spirit since childhood. Lynnette has been using her clairvoyant skills for over 40 years. She has conducted over 60,000 readings and years of continued accuracy with her clairvoyant readings has led to the development of a following of loyal clients and supporters who swear by her.

Lynnette developed her gift through the years becoming an in demand Clairvoyant, Medium, Writer an Speaker. Her immense knowledge allowing her to teach and speak on any new age topic.

Lynnette engaged in numerous public speaking events such as The Mind, Body, Spirit Festival where there was constantly standing room only, and her own professional Glorious Visions events including Channeled Visions Stage Show and Halloween with Lynnette Glory which attracted hundreds of attendees.

Lynnette facilitated weekly Meditation classes for several years as well as Workshops on Psychic Development, Past Lives, Auras and Chakras, Vision Boards and Attracting Soulmates. During Lynnette’s career she has appeared on Radio, doing readings for listeners. Her story has been featured in books and magazines, and she has notably been a Feature Contributor for “That’s Life” magazine. She is a Past Life Hypnotherapist and Reiki and Seikim Master.

In 2010 Lynnette withdrew from the public arena to devote her energy to her children after the death of their father. Lynnette continued the consulting aspect of Glorious Visions, however it was in these years that she became passionate about identifying and healing family patterns as she was confronted with her own 4 generations of family patterning of a parent dying prematurely. Her Grandmother at age 10 lost her mother, her Mother lost her father at age 11, Lynnette lost her father at age 14 and her children lost their father at age 10 and 13. Lynnette found herself living her Mother’s experience at exactly the same age of 47 raising children as a sole parent.

While Lynnette has always been aware of the profound role parental patterning played in her life and clairvoyantly easily able to identify it in lives of her clients, she embarked on a journey to not only be conscious of them but to disconnect from and heal them. These patterns are most prominently played out in romantic relationships, dysfunctional family relationships and in relationship to self as an inability to experience self-love.

All the years of experience in witnessing and understanding through her Readings how energy works to form the present and the future, how people and situations are attracted based on childhood programming and current beliefs and through her expertise in developing effective meditations and practical techniques to accelerate the steps to transformational healing have culminated into a Healing service that Lynnette now provides, as well as Clairvoyant Readings.