A reading gives insight into the many aspects of your life, including relationships, children, career prospects, financial opportunities that can be foreseen and the future influences that are prevailing upon your life.

You receive a clear insight into events and people, especially the personality traits and emotional states of those around you and therefore, greater understanding of your situation.

A reading provides guidance for those difficult problems and hurdles you experience in life, helping you see things with a new perspective.

Reassurance can be gained with decisions that you are considering making, as well as an awareness of paths that may appear on your journey and not yet visible.

Most importantly, a reading brings awareness of how you can make your life better.


We attract situations and people, especially our romantic partners to give us the opportunity to Heal some aspect of lives generally related to our childhood, that are not allowing us to live, love and be loved to our full potential. 

During a Healing Session Lynnette clairvoyantly identifies the source of the issue whether an incident or absorbed family pattern that may be buried in the subconscious or not apparent as the cause. How the issue or pattern has manifested by the attraction of individuals to play out the pattern and how it has been compounded by choices along the way. 

Lynnette uses Hands on Energetic Healing, Meditation, Visualisation and Affirmation techniques to release the pattern or energy tied to the event and ground the new state of being, to step confidently into the world.

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